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Curriculum Vitae 




2018     -     Italy, Biennale of Oggiogno 

2019     -     London,  87 Parkway 

2019     -     London, LCC  

2019     -     London,  The Lava Club Experience 

2020     -     New York,  The Barn Space 

2020     -     London, The Lava Club Experience  

2020     -     London, Mercato Metropolitano Art Gallery 

2020     -     London, The Lava Club Experience 

2020     -     London, LCC

2021     -     New York, Home Invasion (New Discretions) 

2021     -     Cultural Palace in Assilah 




2018 - Ongoing - "4. The People” 

Is an Ongoing project in which creatives of all backgrounds are brought together by artist J4.CK,Y to collect and up cycle used clothes that are then distributed to the homeless people around the city. The project received, in the city of London, coverage and support by the journal, The Big Issue. The project is also ongoing in Milano and In New York.


2019 - “survival Game” 

Is a street art project with which artist J4.CK.Y, By hanging flyers inside London Phone cabins, achieved some relevant steps towards the “humanization” of  the business of sex working. The project is still ongoing with the goal of helping to achieve the legalization of prostitution in England. 


2019 - “The Lava Club Experience 

Is a company founded by artist J4.CK.Y in collaboration with his partner Pietro Massouda. The Company organizes events that bring together young visual artists and musicians working with all mediums, to create exhibitions that include painting, sculptures, photography, video art, performances, and musical acts. The Lava Club Experience already had 15 exhibitions, in London and In Milano, with the participation of more than 50 artists, over the course of just 1 year and an half. 


Besides the ongoing projects artists J4.CK.Y is constantly working on his craft as an artist, producing sculptures, videos, photographic work, and paintings with a personal archive of already more than 2000 pieces. 

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