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When G-d held their breath

The tzimtzum is a term used in Lurianic Kabbalah to describe how G-d began the process of creation by withdrawing their infinite light to allow "space" in which finite things could exist. 

I always found this act of “contraction” to be one of the highest forms of expression of love and care. It is an act that with it carries as much gentleness and as much attention as possible. I made this work when I fell in love. I now have a beautiful relationship with the person I love, one in which a beautiful dance between contraction and expansion of our lights constantly occurs. We are always leaving space for each others creation. This sculpture is an homage to us, and to love, and to this single beautiful action that I find to be an essential expression of love.

I often use white curtains in my work, white curtains have a lot of symbolism associated with them in jewish tradition and they have this etherial and dynamic quality to them that is essential to jewish philosophy.

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